What facilities do I need to provide at the venue?

The unit needs access to power, a 10 amp socket will do.  Nothing else should be allowed to run off the same socket.  Access to a water supply is essential to enable the unit to be filled with water. We have had the units in empty paddocks as well where the power is gained through a generator and water bought it to fill the unit on site. Anything is possible with us!

How large are your luxury units?

Our luxury units are approximately 7m long x 3m wide x 4m high so keep in mind when thinking about where you would like the unit situated at your event

What about site access?

Your intended site should be easily accessible, and as flat as possible.  If you think that your site may cause problems please alert us at the time of your booking enquiry and we can sort this out for you.

Do the loos need servicing during my event?

For a typical event such as a wedding or private party that lasts for no more than 10 hours, the loos will not require any servicing. It is helpful to have someone check on loo supplies throughout your event.  However, if your event occurs over several days or you are hosting an event with a very large number of guests then servicing on site may be necessary.

Can you provide an attendant service?

Yes, we can provide one or more attendants depending on the size of your event.  The main duty is to keep the facilities in pristine condition throughout the event.

Will I need to provide anything for the unit other than power and water?

No, all units come fully stocked with 3ply loo paper, hand towels, luxurious hand soaps and are ready to use once set up on site.

What if there is a technical problem on site?

It would be foolish to suggest that anything mechanical is always going to be 100% reliable, however, our units are less than 2 years old and are maintained and serviced after every event. You are left with a contact number that can be used at any time if any concerns arise.

Please note our quotes give you two weeks to confirm your booking before they expire. Your booking is then confirmed once a deposit is made. Booking cannot be guaranteed after two weeks if there has been no correspondence between yourself and LuxLoos Ltd due to a large number of enquiries, especially over the spring/summer seasons.

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